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The AFC STOCKPORT HALL OF FAME Five Players were announced in April 2021 to receive this ultimate recognition by the club and then two more will be added at the start of every year. These are players who deserve the utmost respect at AFC Stockport for what they have done/brought to the club and will never pay for football again while representing AFC Stockport.
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1. Rick Williams - The all time top goal scorer for AFC Stockport and the only player to ever represent AFC in an inter-league team. Rick scored 334 goals in 224 appearances, along with 142 assists, also a club record. He currently holds the record for Player of the Match awards as-well, with 37. These amazing figures were all completed in just 7 seasons between 2007/08-2013/14, an absolute goal machine.
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2. Jess Loydall - Jess is the only Ladies player at the club to have played from season one back in 2006 when it was just a 7-a-side team. She then played through the 5-a-side leagues which followed that, before playing competitive 11-a-side in 2010 with AFC up to the present day. Jess is one of only 4 'Decade Achievement Award' winners after completing 10 consecutive 11-a-side seasons, playing a total of 142 games on the way. Loydall is one of only two players in the current Lionesses squad who have won a competitive 11-a- side competition with AFC, winning the Divisional cup back in the 2011/12 campaign. Jess is also the clubs secretary and treasurer
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3. Ben Higgs - Ben was the first player to win the 'Decade Achievement Award' at the club and represented AFC Stockport a total of 217 times. Ben played in the very first season back in 2003/04 and in the 217 games played, in this time the midfielder never received a yellow or red card at anytime. He scored 57 goals and assisted 93 along with the Player of the Match award 20 times. Ben's loyalty and commitment to AFC should always be acknowledged. AFC's very own Iniesta.
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4. Nicola Gray - Nicola is currently second in all-time appearances for the Lionesses with a total of 180 games played. In this time she has scored 21 times and assisted 30. Gray is one of four players to have won the 'Decade Achievement Award' for playing 10 consecutive seasons for AFC. Not only is Gray a committed player she currently managers the Men's 1st Team and Saturday's Warriors team. Gray's commitment and work ethics has been as good as anyone's at the club and her standards and expectations are exactly what the club is about. Nicola proposed to long-term partner Julie Gilray at the clubs Presentation Night in 2016, she really is AFC through and through.
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5. Daz Eaves - Daz is one of the most prolific marksman at the club, doing this while playing most of his AFC days as a Central midfielder. Eaves impressive record reads, played 169, goals 165, Assists 89 and Player of the Match 30. Eaves is one of the most inspirational players to ever have worn an AFC shirt, his work ethic and desire to win has never changed since his debut game back in 2004. Eaves picked up a bad injury in the 2009/10 season and didn't return back to AFC until the 2014/15 campaign. In total Daz has played 13 seasons with AFC and is without doubt an AFC legend.