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December 2020

Lewis Behan - Legion

Previous Winners

2009/10 April Ladies Stacey Cheslett 2009/10 August 1st Rick Williams 2009/10 December Ladies Carly Bishop 2009/10 February 1st Karl Bird 2009/10 January 1st Rick Williams 2009/10 March 1st Stuart Connell 2009/10 November 1st Jamie Oldham 2009/10 October 1st Matt Skinner 2009/10 September 1st Ben Higgs 2010/11 April 1st Rick Williams 2010/11 August na na 2010/11 December 1st Karl Bird 2010/11 February Ladies Autumn Lucas 2010/11 January Reserves Nic O'Neill 2010/11 March Ladies Demi Sommerville 2010/11 November 1st Karl Bird 2010/11 October Reserves Kevin Ryan 2010/11 September 1st Tom Williams 2011/12 April na na 2011/12 August na na 2011/12 December na na 2011/12 February 1st Rick Williams 2011/12 January Ladies Lisa Mackle-Pearson 2011/12 March 1st Oli Simpson 2011/12 May na na 2011/12 November 1st Adam Ogdon 2011/12 October 1st Rick Williams 2011/12 September Ladies Libby Scarlett 2012/13 April na na 2012/13 August na na 2012/13 December 1st Ash Grimes 2012/13 February 1st Joe Phillips 2012/13 January Ladies Jess Loydall 2012/13 March Ladies Amelia Timm 2012/13 November Ladies Jade Fox 2012/13 October Ladies Libby Scarlett 2012/13 September Ladies Libby Scarlett 2013/14 April Reserves Charlie Morris 2013/14 August 1st Ash Grimes 2013/14 December Reserves Jake Kelly 2013/14 February Reserves Louie Gamble 2013/14 January Reserves Roberto Fraschini 2013/14 March Reserves Jake Kelly 2013/14 November 1st Stuart Connell 2013/14 October Reserves Roberto Fraschini 2013/14 September Reserves Ross Douglas 2014/15 April 1st Chris Sussex 2014/15 August Reserves Mike Atheron 2014/15 December Reserves Andrew Taylor 2014/15 February Ladies Hayley Byrne 2014/15 January Reserves Roberto Fraschini 2014/15 March 1st Stuart Connell 2014/15 November Ladies Amelia Timm 2014/15 October Ladies Libby Scarlett 2014/15 September Ladies Amelia Timm 2015/16 April Reserves Darren Eaves 2015/16 August Reserves Tom Hannan 2015/16 December 1st Alex Harper 2015/16 February Ladies Claire Kenyon 2015/16 January Ladies Cath Thompson-Smith 2015/16 March Reserves Darren Eaves 2015/16 November Reserves Andrew Taylor 2015/16 October 1st Andrew Cadwallader 2015/16 September Reserves Darren Eaves 2016/17 April 1st Adam Ogdon 2016/17 August 1st David Clifton 2016/17 December Reserves Rob Brooks 2016/17 February Reserves Tom Hughes 2016/17 January 1st Darren Eaves 2016/17 March 1st Dan Gray 2016/17 November 1st Joe Phillips 2016/17 October 1st Jonny O'Dea 2016/17 September 1st Dan Gray 2017/18 April Ladies Kathryn Solley 2017/18 August Reserves Dave Parker 2017/18 December Sats Joe Eaton 2017/18 February 1st Andrew Taylor 2017/18 January Rangers Danny Stringer 2017/18 March Sats Joe Eaton 2017/18 November Sats Adam Wilcox 2017/18 October Ladies Kirsty Cooper 2017/18 September Ladies Sammie Daniel 2018/19 April Sats Jake Hartley 2018/19 August 1st Michael Briers 2018/19 December 1st Darren Eaves 2018/19 February Ladies Phoebe Neild 2018/19 January Sats Stephen Whittaker 2018/19 March Sats Luke Foster 2018/19 November Sats Hayden Mills 2018/19 October Sats Matthew Mills 2018/19 September Warriors Adam Wilcox 2019/20 April na na 2019/20 August Sats Tyler Eason 2019/20 December Sats Karl Bird 2019/20 February Ladies Christine Hill 2019/20 January Warriors Joe Eaton 2019/20 March Ladies Krystal McLoughlin 2019/20 November Warriors Ryan Green 2019/20 October Ladies Jess Lea 2019/20 September Reserves Anthony McGuinness 2020/21 August Warriors Joe Eaton 2020/21 September Ladies Krystal McLoughlin 2020/21 October Sats Dave Parker 2020/21 November na na 2020/21 December Legion Lewis Behan